Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today is Day 38!

So it's day 38 and I have decided to stop on day 40 at midnight. Yes it has been a great run, my body feels great, but time to stop.
Today my weight was: 115 lbs. (down 12 lbs.) and my body fat: 13.8%
Not bad, knowing how many toxins my body released in this 40 day period!
So I guess the new celebration is I did 40 days to celebrate that I will be 40 in a couple of months :)

I know that after I finish, I will be 80% - 90% Raw, because I think that will work for me.
I will continue to run, because I have found that I love it! and weight training will still be apart of my regimen.
Also I will be sharing health tips and exercise tips that I have found helpful. So stay tuned to this blog!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ummmm! Oh yeah, Day 36

So yeah it's day 36 and I am ready to eat food! I may stop at day 50, and keep my Mondays as juice day.

Of course when I stop I will have to readjust  for about 10 days, starting with water soluble fruits for a few days. The days would still include juice with the fruit and then after a few days still juice and add in a salad. It's a process of getting the stomach use to solid food again. The breaking of the fast is just as important as doing the fast.

 I miss date night with the hubby, we bond when we eat out and that's just what we do. I will still eat healthy as you who know me know I  will :) I will be incorporating in more RAW food dishes (veggies and fruit meals). I am finding what's good for me and it's been a long journey to this point, but full of adventure and it's not over.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 35! Different kind of detox!

Today I tried a different kind of detox, pretty cool though! It was called an infra red body detox that included a 30 minute massage, infra red detox front and back! Kind of warm, made me sweat so toxins were and will be released. This technique works inside out from deep within. I was told to drink lots of water and to have a green juice. I feel slightly drained, but okay.
The green juice I had this evening was: Chard, Carrots, Tomatoes and an Orange. The chard was a huge bunch of it, the ingredients all together made about 25 oz. It actually tasted pleasant, the green juices are not my favorite, but I need them for the nutrients. Different mixtures make various tastes and this I would do again!
So another big no, but I couldn't help it while at the Wellness Center, was looking at a food magazine! Why do I do these things to myself? :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Day! 34th of Juicing :)

Day 34 has been a great day in my family! Good News, good news! For those of you who know me, you know what I am talking about. I love life, that is my decision, I LOVE LIFE! I will make the best of it, day to day, because I can it's my choice :) Let's all choose to do more, be better and spread some love. Baby steps or huge leaps, just move forward in life, make each day better by choosing to be better.
Well I will be going running later and am so excited about it, I love running, being outside is just wonderful! Relaxing time is what you choose, what do you like that will benefit you?
Today I had a bunch of juice! LOL

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 33! 1/3 of the way complete!

Today is day 33! Yesterday I did not blog as you can tell. Last night the hubby and I went to Field of Greens, I had carrot and apple juice and my hubby had a tuna sandwich with fries. He left the table to go and get some ketchup and I wanted to just lick one of his french fries. Sounds crazy, but I was having a moment and really wanted a french fry. No I didn't do it, I couldn't eat anything at this point anyway or I would hurt myself!
Today has been a little better, but having a detoxifying headache. All is well the end will justify the means and I will WIN!!! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 31! Over one hump!

So it's day 31, Yep! not much to say today. Why? I don't know, just the feeling of the day.
Today I had JUICE :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 30! Whoopeeee!

Day 30 this is great, earlier this year in March I attempted the 100 day Feast and made it 20 days. So to make it to 30 is awesome. :) Yes there are rough patches, but I am so focused on starting a new chapter when my birthday comes this year. Quitting is not an option. Health is of most importance. A new chapter  of life is so exciting and I want to start it as fresh as possible.

Today I had the best watermelon juice ever, it was so sweet and tasty. I have some more of it left for tomorrow's juice, really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 29! People People People!

Today is day 29! Yep and I have not wasted away as some may think. I am detoxing, getting rid of waste, cleansing my blood and cells, along with everything else that has become toxic. I am only going to lose the weight that shouldn't be there, that I have accumulated over the years. Being small does not mean perfect health.
Todays juicing has consisted of:
*Carrots, Celery, Beet, Apple
*Oranges, Grapefruit
*Spinach, Carrots, Tomatoes
*Chard, Spinach, Apple, Lemon
*Carrots, Sweet Potato
*Celery, Apple, Carrots
*Nectarine, Pluot, Oranges, Grapefruit

* In two of the juices I added wheatgrass powder and spirulina powder

So yesterday I was totally energized, running sprints and walking fast for 2.7 miles in 28 minutes. My energy level has been off the charts. Waking up at 4:00am and still going strong :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 28! Juicing Information

Day 28!
Just want to give you a little more information. During the detoxification process eliminations may include:

     *unwanted fatty tissue
     *hardened coating of mucus on the intestinal wall
     *toxic waste matter in the lymphatice system and bloodstream
     * excess cholesterol
     *deposits in the microscopic tubes responsible for nourishing brain cells
     *and so much more

So anyway lately I have been starting my days with lots of water and waiting til about 8am or so to have my first juice! Every 3 hours I will have more juice unless I am having a more active day, but since my job is not active for the most part every 3 hours works great! I like to start my day with fruit juices, so that when I end my "Juice Feast" I will be in the habit of starting my day with an abundance of fruit. The 80/10/10 Raw diet will be my way of life, at least that is my goal. Preparations are being made now to have everything I need in place as for kitchen tools and my recipe book of good ones that I am seeking now. Knowing what I will eat and having a plan will keep me in line with the "Raw Food" eating plan. Although so far I still want some corn tortilla chips, but it is only day 28 and by the time my body is clean at day 100, I may not want those chips. :)

I plan on getting a dehydrator before my feast is over and practice making my own corn chips and letting the fam tell me how they taste, along with trying other raw food recipes on them. Yes!, they are actually excited and very supportive of my juice feast. We as a family being health conscious is so lovely.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 27! Juice! Juice! Juice!

So at the end of my juice feast it will all be worth it!
I am doing this for the good of my body.
God has designed our bodies so amazingly, but we have to choose what we put in it. The body is a self-healing creation when its cleansed and supported by a good healthy diet. I juice to prevent health concerns, along with prayer. Juicing cleanses the cells, tissues and all organs of the body. The so called struggle is temporary. 100 days is nothing compared to how many days I have been alive. The reason for a 100 days has to do with giving the body enough time to fully regenerate and heal on every level. To detox in a weekend has some benefit, but not even close to being detoxed for what we may put in our bodies. Food will not control me, my body needs nutrients to provide me with the energy I need daily. Fresh juice does not need digestive energy from the body, allowing the body's entire focus to be on healing and rejuvenation.

A juice combo I tried today: Chard, Celery and 2 apples tastes pretty good (TO ME) !

Friday, September 16, 2011

1/4 of the way down and 3/4 to go! Day 25

Day 25! Yippee! Feels good to have a quarter of the way done! :) We just came from "Field of Greens". I had the carrot-apple juice, the fam had the eden burger with lettuce wrap (no bread) and the salmon burger again no bread with fries, what they had smelled and looked so good. Just a 100 days, 25 down and 75 more to go.
Today was a colon therapy day "American Wellness Center" off of Kirby. This procedure helps get the toxins out that I am releasing by juicing. You can never fully detox, because of the pollution, different foods and such, but why let the toxins build up and then later cause disease. People wonder why I do what I do, being a good steward of my body is important to me.
I am so glad it is Friday, ready for the weekend and happy it is day 25-wow!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 24! The Blog that almost didn't happen!

It's day 24 and I was in the bed and remembered I needed to blog. No major breakthroughs today, but I did have a nice evening with my friends Cintia and Rachelle. Got together and had ideas with other like-minded women and learned alot today dealing with technology! Will have to incorporate those things and catch up. :) Well time to go to bed, need some rest! Good Night :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Much better day today! Day 23

Having a much better day today! So happy about that, had a couple of breakthroughs and I am on my way. More info on that later, gotta get the plan together first! So today I woke up at 3am and tried to go back to sleep, but to no avail. This juicing is giving me more energy and ideas are flowing in a focused direction. Nice to have a focus on ideas usually I have so many I don't know where to start, but this feeling and clarity is just lovely. Yes, I have a birthday coming up and with the ideas I had this morning I feel like I have MY direction, not the one people place on me! There comes a time when you have to find what you love and have a passion for and yep God showed it to me this morning! Or shall I say I was actually listening - HAHAHAH! You know He is always there and wants to guide us, but do we take the time to listen?

Well as you know I had juice and more juice today! Just came from the Y and ran 3 miles on that dreaded treadmill, but had to get my run in today somehow and that was the choice of the day.
Well have a great day with you, spend time and get to know who you are and what your passion is!

Living and loving life! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 22 of Juice! Crazy Day!

Today has been a crazy rollercoaster of a day emotionally/mentally! Work was so busy and if it weren't for juicing I probably wouldn't have eaten! Juice is quick, easy to grab and work at the same time and you don't have to worry about your hands being clean! :) BONUS! Oh well the only thing I have for you today is yesterday I did 2.7 miles running and some walking in 30 minutes and last night and today I have had sinus drainage again! Cleaning the body out, just knowing that feels great. Also just came from the Whole Foods Store and going to add in some coconut water for a different taste. :) I love me some coconut water, if you have never had it you gotta try it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

21 Days of Juicing and counting! :)

Getting rid of toxins involves so much more than we may think. Toxins get buried deep down in our cells and tissues of our bodies and many can and do remain in our bodies until we do something about it!

#1 Being around smokers or being a smoker.
Growing up many of my family members smoked as we all gathered together for various family events.
#2 Outdoor pollution - Lawn chemicals, vehicle exhaust and such.
#3 Pesticides on conventional foods, that's why I choose organic
#4 Processed foods - If it can stay on a shelf for 2-5 years what does that say it is doing to my body
#5 Prescription Medication and OTC drugs/products - We know they have side affects, that part at the end of those commercials when they speak so fast you don't know what the announcer just said, or those very tiny words on the box most people can't even read with glasses.

These are just a few of the ways toxins enter our bodies!

Prepared Juices for today:
*2 lbs carrots, 1 head celery, 1 apple
*1 head romaine, 1 sm. cucumber, 1 pear, 3 heads broccoli and 1 beet
*6 oranges, 2 grapefruit
*1 1/2 canteloupe
That was just what I took to work, will have to make more when I get home.
Today is one of my running days, still preparing for my 5k on October 15, 2011 - so excited for the new adventure! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1/5 th of the way - Day 20

Today I woke up and started my day with a 10 minute workout and a reading from Proverbs.  I also had an event to attend that involved food, yes life still happens all around me and doesn't stop because of a juice feast. :) Focus is key in what you need to do to have the outcome you want to have.

So today I prepared juices as follows:
*5 oranges (large), 2 grapefruit - 26 oz.
*1 head romaine lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 1 lb. carrots - 25 oz.
*1 canteloupe - 20 oz.
*1 head celery, 1 lb. carrots, 2 apples - 18 oz.
*6 oranges (large & small), 2 grapefruit - 24 oz.
*1 head romaine, 1 head celery, 1 cucumber, 1 apple - 20 oz.
* 5 oranges - 12 oz.
In two of my juices I added wheatgrass and spirulina powder for added nutrients.

I am having a wheezing feeling in my throat and heaviness in my chest, yay! for the detox. I will not be taking anything as for medication, which I am not a fan of anyway, because I do not want to hinder the detox. Any toxins that are built up I want removed to have a clean healthy body.

Each day is a day of its own and don't think I don't have struggles, but I have to remember the results I want, but even at this point it would take me a few days to be able to eat food and why quit now? I will make it and the end will be fantastic! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yay! It's co-op day and day 19!

So today is co-op day time to replenish my fridge and stock of food for juicing! So today I am pretty active at co-op and Saturday is just busy, so I have more juice than I do during the week. Right now it is about 3:45 pm and I have already had 102 oz. of juice. A gallon a day is suggested as the minimum and I will exceed that today, not a bad thing, but just letting you know that the more activity the more juice you may need! My energy is still great and I feel great throughout my activites. The fruit juices provide great energy!
Well today is not over, but I will be pretty busy the rest of the day and wanted to check in and let you know what's going on :)
More info. tomorrow

Staying juicy! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh man and I don't even eat meat!!

Today is day 18 of my juice feast, and my family just went to Fuddruckers to have burgers and fries! UGH! I don't even eat meat, but that sounds fun.  I opted to stay at home, because why go see people eat food knowing I can't have any.  I am not hungry, and I have been chewing my juice LOL! Anyway these days will happen! On a better note, the last couple of days my tongue has been pink and my teeth have had no plaque on them, WOW! This detoxing again is really nice to my body and the end will justify the means.
As for the juice I have been having my fruit juices throughout the day and vegetable juices in the evening. Fruit juices are to cleanse and veggie juices are to build. The fruit juices are also great before running for me.
Daily before showers I incorporate using a dry skin brush to help rid toxins coming out of the skin and to help with circulation in the skin.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to say, what to say! Day 17

So what do I tell you today?
 Well as you may have noticed from some of my other posts, I really really adore watermelon juice and the awesome canteloupe juice. So lets go over the benefits that melons have on the body.

Watermelon Juice:
*Antioxidant firepower
*Vitamin warehouse (vitamin C & A)
*Prevent heart disease
*Prevents macular degeneration (eye related)
*Cholesterol free
*Increased energy
*Cope with anxiety and panic
*Prevents prostate cancer ( Umm! not for me, but men) :)

Canteloupe Juice:
*Prevents skin cancer
*Reduces risk of cancer
*Reduces thickening of the arteries

Just giving you some benefits of juicing, so you know why I do what I do!

Today was colon hydrotherapy day at The American Wellness Center (Bissonett location)
The results on the body are amazing, there is so much that can be impacted or stuck in
our colons, that cause us to be unhealthy! A good clean colon is one of the keys to great health.

Exercise of the day:
10m workout
very effective workout plan I follow a couple of times/week to help with my run training.
My first race will be in Oct. 2011/5K
So excited about this, the preparation has been awesome!

Oh yeah this morning I woke up with no taste in my mouth,
as in a clean mouth that tasted like nothing, I see this detox is really 
The detox symptoms are all worth this whole journey!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yep! You guessed it! Day 16

Today has been another wonderful day. I wake up to my morning 24 oz. of water before leaving the house, this feels so good as a start to the day. I have been waking up at 4 or 4:30 am to get a good start to the day by accomplishing some reading, usually a proverb chapter from my Bible and a chapter out of a motivational book. Positive starts are keys to a great daily journey. :) My mind has been so clear for the past few days and that is soooo nice, being more focused. The journey is a great one and you have to experience it for yourself, doesn't have to be 100 days, just pick what you want. I have received info. that each day of juicing takes you back 120 days in the body, WOW! ( Well that's all for now til tomorrow.

Staying juicy :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow! I am amazed! Day 15...

Day 15 and amazed that after 10 - 12 days of a running break, that today I went out and ran 2.7 miles straight without stopping. All of this and just consuming juice, so yes if there was a question about energy and nutrition you can see I am doing fine! Food has to be broken down into a liquid anyway and mine thru juicing is already broken down to receive all the nutrients from those organic veggies and fruit.

Today I have had 110 oz. of juiced veggies and fruit!
My body weight is 120.5 lbs. and my body fat percentage is 16.1%
My starting weight was 127.7 lbs. and body fat 19.7%

I have been fluctuating between 120 - 125 lbs. for the last week!
Feeling great and energetic, also light as in a good way, not just because of weight loss, but like toxins are leaving making me feel good in my body :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 14 - What already?

I have to say this juice feast is flying by and it feels great! Really it doesn't seem like day 14 already. The detox symptoms are encouraging and I can't wait to have more, it is good to know the body is cleansing itself on a deep cellular level.  You have to try this even if only for 2-3 days, it is so eye opening.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Juicing is great!

Today is a holiday weekend, 3 day weekend. I am so greatful :) Today we got to spend time with extended family and of course there was food and more food, but I had my JUICE and did great. Focus, purpose and determination is the key to a successful juice journey.

Menu of the day:
24 oz. of water
10:00 am - 16 oz. Watermelon Juice
12:00 pm - 26 oz. Orange Juice
2:30 pm - 24 oz. Green Juice ( head of romaine, red bell pepper, green onion, carrots)
5:30 pm - 20 oz. Canteloupe Juice (1 melon)
8:00 pm - 24 oz. Orange Juice with a scoop of wheatgrass powder
9:00 pm - More Water

This has been a great day, good conversation and fun with the family!

Total body detox on a cellular level
Food is for nutrition, not comfort
Clear Skin
Great health
Bright eyes

Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the 12th day of Juicing...

Today was co-op day, a day to get all my yummy fruits and veggies in abundance. :) Today was pretty busy with errands, so I will just tell you what I had without times, because I was out and about and not paying attention to time. I  consumed juice when my body told me it needed it! This was awesome, not paying attention to time and just listening to the body say "okay I need some juice now".  Today's detox symptoms was an upset mid-section, my tummy, colon, intestines I don't know just in the middle. Wish I knew what it was????? Also still having that gritty feeling with my skin, as toxins are released.

Menu of the day consisted of:
24 oz of water (first in the morning)
24 oz of orange juice
24 oz of watermelon juice
26 oz of more watermelon juice
24 oz of carrots and some other veggies (don't remember the combo)
24 oz of green juice (1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 lb of carrots, 1 red bell pepper, celery)/supplements
20 oz of water and counting, I'm still thirsty!

Well it's labor day weekend and yay I am going to relax!

Tip: Preparing juices for all day or for more than half of the day is the key to successful juicing to me!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Another day of juice and detox! I am loving it!

Today has been a little weird in a sense. I have had to dry brush my skin two times today, my skin feels like its expelling grit, it feels like sand, but you can't see it, but I can feel it! I am not sure what it is, but has to be detoxing right? I also have a few breakouts on my face, they come and go as the days go by. This detox is very interesting to me, I just keep looking for the next thing and wonder what will be next, kinda like a science experiment on myself. LOL Oh well I can only think it will be well worth it all in the end of 100 days of JUICE FEASTING!

6:30 am - 24 oz. Water
9:00 am - 24 oz. Orange Juice (7 oranges)
12:30 pm - 28 oz. Watermelon Juice
4:00 pm - 25 oz. Juice (2 lbs. carrots, 2 cucumber, 1 pear)
7:00 pm - 24 oz. Water
9:00 pm - 12 oz. Carrot/Kale Juice
10:30 pm - 16 oz. Juice (1 head of romaine, 1 lb carrots, 1 red bell pepper)

I am so ready for co-op tomorrow, more veggies and fruit to juice.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Ten! Whoopee!!

So today is day ten! Whoopee! I'm doing it! I'm doing it!
 Last night was eventful my intestines were feeling weird and I say that because it definitely was not my tummy. I released a couple of feet of mucoid lining (google that its pretty gross), but very beneficial! I was blowing my nose alot and getting out lots of thick mucus and thought I had to throw up, but contained myself (didn't want to waste the juice I just had 45 minutes before). Yes pretty eventful, but extremely detoxing as well. I told you I would tell you about my journey and this is part of it. :)
Today I have felt more normal, but excited to get rid of more toxins.

Menu of the day:
*16 oz of water upon rising
*8:00 am Orange Juice (7 oranges) and multi-vitamin, b supplements 24 oz
*11:30 am Juice (2 tomatoes, 2lbs carrots, 1 apple) 24 oz
*2:00 pm Juice (1 small canteloupe) 13 oz
*4:30 pm Juice ( 1 lb carrots, 2 cucumbers, 1 apple) 24 oz
*7:00 pm Juice (2 lb carrots, handful of celery stalks) 16 oz
* water

In case you wonder how this is so affordable, I attend a co-op weekly that provides me with fresh organic produce. I love it and volunteer weekly, everything is always so delicious, because I get what's in season. Check out the website and come try it out - !!!