Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh man and I don't even eat meat!!

Today is day 18 of my juice feast, and my family just went to Fuddruckers to have burgers and fries! UGH! I don't even eat meat, but that sounds fun.  I opted to stay at home, because why go see people eat food knowing I can't have any.  I am not hungry, and I have been chewing my juice LOL! Anyway these days will happen! On a better note, the last couple of days my tongue has been pink and my teeth have had no plaque on them, WOW! This detoxing again is really nice to my body and the end will justify the means.
As for the juice I have been having my fruit juices throughout the day and vegetable juices in the evening. Fruit juices are to cleanse and veggie juices are to build. The fruit juices are also great before running for me.
Daily before showers I incorporate using a dry skin brush to help rid toxins coming out of the skin and to help with circulation in the skin.

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