Friday, September 16, 2011

1/4 of the way down and 3/4 to go! Day 25

Day 25! Yippee! Feels good to have a quarter of the way done! :) We just came from "Field of Greens". I had the carrot-apple juice, the fam had the eden burger with lettuce wrap (no bread) and the salmon burger again no bread with fries, what they had smelled and looked so good. Just a 100 days, 25 down and 75 more to go.
Today was a colon therapy day "American Wellness Center" off of Kirby. This procedure helps get the toxins out that I am releasing by juicing. You can never fully detox, because of the pollution, different foods and such, but why let the toxins build up and then later cause disease. People wonder why I do what I do, being a good steward of my body is important to me.
I am so glad it is Friday, ready for the weekend and happy it is day 25-wow!

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