Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Ultimate Personal Salad and Eating It All!

So when I say ultimate I mean exactly that a huge salad with as much stuff that will fit inside. My personal salads look like they should be shared, but I don't share them, because that is considered my meal. It may take me 45 minutes or so to eat it, the chewing and  just enjoying all the flavors.  why rush thru all that tasty goodness.  Too many of us rush thru meals inhaling them, not tasting anything, why pay for something and not enjoy it to the fullest. The flavors are satisfying and scrumptiously delicious. Slow down and enjoy! :)

It is said to chew your food 100 times before you swallow, I know it sounds ridiculous, but really will help with the ease of digestion.  Just start with 25 chews per bite, even if you do 10, it's better than 3 chews and gulping it down. :)

Okay, enough of that, I know, I know you only came here for the salad.

So here it is (just one of the many I like):
     1 head of lettuce ( I prefer romaine) and yes the whole head of lettuce, not just a few leaves
     couple of handfuls of spinach leaves
     1-2 apples chopped up in the size you prefer
     1 orange
     1-2 cups of raisins
     1 avocado ( love those avocados)
     1/2 cup crumbled pecans
     onion slices (optional)
     sunflower seeds sprinkled on top
     sprouts of your choice (such as alfalfa)
*I don't use salad dressing, I just enjoy the flavors of all this wonderous food God has made.
Experiment with what you like and throw it in a salad, have fun with your food!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a vegetarian, but I don't want salad!

Yes I am a vegetarian, but vegetarians don't eat just salad. Whenever I go to an event that involves eating the first thing people say to me when they spot me is  "oh, we have salad for you on the menu!". I'm thinking uuuummm yay! (not really) cause you can never have enough salad, right? Vegetarians, well me as a veggie eater, salad is not all I eat.
I say these words with love! I do eat other things, hence the word VEGAtarian (vegetables), there are so many vegetables and fruit and beans, smoothies, veggie juice, fruit juice and other things.

So let's see, what do I eat, as well as other vegetarians!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So now that the feast/fast of juice is over, but still juicing each day. I find that I am more sensitive to being in tune with my body and what it needs vs. what it doesn't need. Some foods I find sit in my intestines and I can actually feel it! Wierd, yes I know, but pretty cool. It seems that if I have a what I call heavy meal - like beans, yams and fries, that's too many heavy foods for my belly to handle. Probably should have had only one of those three! Hindsight they say is 20/20 HAHAHA!

My daily nutrient intake has been as follows:
     Upon rising - Water 16-24oz.
     Juice (oranges/grapefuit) -24oz. (MY FAVORITE JUICE TO START MY DAY)
     Fruit several hours later or a smoothie
     Sometimes veggie tacos (avocado, lettuce, onion, cilantro,tomatoes on corn tortillas)
     Juice (veggie-love carrot juice)
     Soup, Salad or some type of RAW meal (just one of these)

Finding what has been good for me has been a journey and really the journey never ends, but definitely listening to my body!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Colon Therapy

So I have been asked about colon therapy, since it was apart of my blog. I am going to give you that information so you can check out the website. It's awesome for the body and very detoxing. You just never know what's hiding in that colon of yours til you do this therapy. :) No shame, don't be embarrassed! THINK HEALTH!!

So the place where I go is:
American Welllness Foundation
5311 Kirby Drive Ste #100
Houston, Tx 77005
Web address:

The staff is amazing, you will love them! :) Just as I do!

Have a lovely day! Think positive and love people!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Continuing the health journey!!

So yes I am continuing the health journey! Something funny - So yesterday was the hubby and I's 12th anniversary, so we went to the movies. I am still breaking my fast and wanted a snack, so I took some cherry tomatoes so I would have a snack during the movie! Sure it wasn't popcorn, but I think just having a snack helps alot. :) I have taken all kinds of healthy snacks to the movies, try it. You gotta have a nice purse though, so its not obvious.

Things I have taken to the movies: ( And no they don't sell this stuff)
Orange slices
Cherry tomatoes
Sushi from Kroger
Plantain Chips
*Anything you like, non-guilty snacks are great and make you feel great as well.
But I have had a time when I have bought those french fries they have, and still will when I feel like it. :)

So just know you can take fun healthy snacks everywhere! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 40! It has ended

So today is day 40 and that would be enough. I have had juice today and threw in 2 small oranges to start preparing my stomach for food again.
I had great detoxing during the 40 days as you can read or have read in previous blogs. Now my focus is just maintaining my health.
The plan is to continue juicing daily, but only 2 per day. This helps me get in a good daily amount of nutrients, that I wouldn't be able to just eat otherwise. It's easier to juice and eat veggies and fruit than it is to eat a large amount daily. I will have a monomeal of fruit daily, which means lots of just one kind, til' I get full, a large and I do mean LARGE salad in the evening! My salads are awesome, just ask the Family.
A smoothie will be added in as well on some days.
I will continue to blog here about my eating and other health related things I have learned. In a few months I will be coaching individuals on their health, let you know more about this later!
Well stay tuned and in the mean time add in a juice a day or even every other day!