Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to say, what to say! Day 17

So what do I tell you today?
 Well as you may have noticed from some of my other posts, I really really adore watermelon juice and the awesome canteloupe juice. So lets go over the benefits that melons have on the body.

Watermelon Juice:
*Antioxidant firepower
*Vitamin warehouse (vitamin C & A)
*Prevent heart disease
*Prevents macular degeneration (eye related)
*Cholesterol free
*Increased energy
*Cope with anxiety and panic
*Prevents prostate cancer ( Umm! not for me, but men) :)

Canteloupe Juice:
*Prevents skin cancer
*Reduces risk of cancer
*Reduces thickening of the arteries

Just giving you some benefits of juicing, so you know why I do what I do!

Today was colon hydrotherapy day at The American Wellness Center (Bissonett location)
The results on the body are amazing, there is so much that can be impacted or stuck in
our colons, that cause us to be unhealthy! A good clean colon is one of the keys to great health.

Exercise of the day:
10m workout
very effective workout plan I follow a couple of times/week to help with my run training.
My first race will be in Oct. 2011/5K
So excited about this, the preparation has been awesome!

Oh yeah this morning I woke up with no taste in my mouth,
as in a clean mouth that tasted like nothing, I see this detox is really 
The detox symptoms are all worth this whole journey!!!

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