Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healthy Eating - What is it?

                                   I get asked all the time how do I eat so healthy?

     Well, first of all everything up to this point has been baby steps, with falling, crawling, crying and everything else.  It is not easy to change habits, but knowing the change is for the better does help a lot.

My health not only affects me, it affects my family and those around me as well.  When I am healthy I can do more for me, my family and others also.

Health is not just eating, it's my attitude and how I view life, do I keep God first or am I trying to do it on my own, which has never worked for me. The good thing is God is soooooo merciful!

You must know your personal reasons, not societies reasons, but your own true reasons:

What reasons do you want to be healthy?
Do you have a family history of health problems, Do you want to prevent something?
Do you want to be vibrant and energetic, living life to the fullest? NO you are never to old for anything (my opinion), age is just a number not a cut off time.

Do you want to take full responsibility for YOUR body, the body God gave you? 

Think about what you want! I had a great grand mother who went to be with Jesus at the young age of 95, and she until about 91 was driving her old friends to the store. Excuses help no one, make a decision to change what you need to change!  She never complained! She was diagnosed with cancer at about 90, never had the surgery the doctors suggested and didn't do any treatments as well and lived 5 more years with no down time until her last week (less than 7 days) of life!

What changes will you make this year for your health?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who are you?

Have you ever stopped to think who you are, I mean really - Who are you?

      Are you who you are because of you, or are you the you think someone else wants you to be?
We are all individuals with choices to make and the responsibilites that come along with the choices we make.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what have I done to this point in my life? Have I made a mark positively? What do people know of me? What do I want to be remembered for while I am here on earth and when I leave this earth.
     Will I be defined by my parents, my friends, my associates or will I stand out as an individual?

     Life is full of choices and making good ones is key. Yes we are not mistake free, but learning from them is very important.

Challenge: I challenge you to take some time daily - alone - just you and the quiet - NO radio, NO TV, NO phone, ONLY YOU and God!
                  Or you can take a real leap and have a fast of the above things for a whole weekend, the results are amazing.
* My household fasted the TV for a week it was awesome. Everyone will have a different experience, but definitely keep God in your fast, His voice will become clear and your ears will hear HIM!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So you want to lose weight?

This is the mantra of most human beings. I want to lose these extra pounds.

And you know what? it can be done. Observe what you eat, why you eat, and when you eat what you eat.  Keep a food log for a week and then see where you can make small but subtle changes one at a time! Step by step is all it takes, maybe add in a salad, cut your normal portions in half, drink more water, whatever you think will help try it, you really do know what you should do :)

 Set a goal and stick with it! Change happens in the comittment!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Conquering Goals

     Yes it's a new year and we always set goals, usually a very long list of them so we don't feel so bad when all are not completed.  This  year let's think of conquering our goals a little differently.

     So look at your list and pick the top 3.  No matter what is on the list stick with your top 3.  Keep your list for further future reference.  Now that you have your top 3, pick one and work on that for 1 month.  Yes I did say one month, because until you conquer it, it is just a wish. 

     For example: Drinking more water, let's say 1/2 your body weight in ounces, since that is a good way to measure for our bodies which are not all the same.  Take this goal focus on it and incorporate it in our daily routine.

     Too many goals along with normal everyday to do's will just make us stressful and feel defeated.  As you conquer a goal and have it as a  daily habit, then move on to the next goal, following the same step as the first. By the end of the year you will feel like a champion having looked back on your list to see how much you have conquered over the year.

     You may even want to incorporate your own rewards throughout the year, just to keep the excitement growing as you grow!

We are all on a different path and your path should not be compared to anyone else, you are uniquely created for the purpose God has for you.