Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the 12th day of Juicing...

Today was co-op day, a day to get all my yummy fruits and veggies in abundance. :) Today was pretty busy with errands, so I will just tell you what I had without times, because I was out and about and not paying attention to time. I  consumed juice when my body told me it needed it! This was awesome, not paying attention to time and just listening to the body say "okay I need some juice now".  Today's detox symptoms was an upset mid-section, my tummy, colon, intestines I don't know just in the middle. Wish I knew what it was????? Also still having that gritty feeling with my skin, as toxins are released.

Menu of the day consisted of:
24 oz of water (first in the morning)
24 oz of orange juice
24 oz of watermelon juice
26 oz of more watermelon juice
24 oz of carrots and some other veggies (don't remember the combo)
24 oz of green juice (1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 lb of carrots, 1 red bell pepper, celery)/supplements
20 oz of water and counting, I'm still thirsty!

Well it's labor day weekend and yay I am going to relax!

Tip: Preparing juices for all day or for more than half of the day is the key to successful juicing to me!

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  1. How do you store them to keep them fresh, and not oxidizing? (LOVE reading your blog!!!!)