Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 28! Juicing Information

Day 28!
Just want to give you a little more information. During the detoxification process eliminations may include:

     *unwanted fatty tissue
     *hardened coating of mucus on the intestinal wall
     *toxic waste matter in the lymphatice system and bloodstream
     * excess cholesterol
     *deposits in the microscopic tubes responsible for nourishing brain cells
     *and so much more

So anyway lately I have been starting my days with lots of water and waiting til about 8am or so to have my first juice! Every 3 hours I will have more juice unless I am having a more active day, but since my job is not active for the most part every 3 hours works great! I like to start my day with fruit juices, so that when I end my "Juice Feast" I will be in the habit of starting my day with an abundance of fruit. The 80/10/10 Raw diet will be my way of life, at least that is my goal. Preparations are being made now to have everything I need in place as for kitchen tools and my recipe book of good ones that I am seeking now. Knowing what I will eat and having a plan will keep me in line with the "Raw Food" eating plan. Although so far I still want some corn tortilla chips, but it is only day 28 and by the time my body is clean at day 100, I may not want those chips. :)

I plan on getting a dehydrator before my feast is over and practice making my own corn chips and letting the fam tell me how they taste, along with trying other raw food recipes on them. Yes!, they are actually excited and very supportive of my juice feast. We as a family being health conscious is so lovely.

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