Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow! I am amazed! Day 15...

Day 15 and amazed that after 10 - 12 days of a running break, that today I went out and ran 2.7 miles straight without stopping. All of this and just consuming juice, so yes if there was a question about energy and nutrition you can see I am doing fine! Food has to be broken down into a liquid anyway and mine thru juicing is already broken down to receive all the nutrients from those organic veggies and fruit.

Today I have had 110 oz. of juiced veggies and fruit!
My body weight is 120.5 lbs. and my body fat percentage is 16.1%
My starting weight was 127.7 lbs. and body fat 19.7%

I have been fluctuating between 120 - 125 lbs. for the last week!
Feeling great and energetic, also light as in a good way, not just because of weight loss, but like toxins are leaving making me feel good in my body :)

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