Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We all grow

We all grow at different stages. Growing is a part of life, that's why it is a journey. The lessons we learn along the way must be applied, because a lesson not applied is just rejected information. Love is key in any and all relationships, whether they are casual, close knit or a stranger passing by. Relationships are anyone you come in contact with on a daily basis. How we treat others affects us just like the other person. When we treat others in love, they can more readily pass on love; if we treat others unlovingly, they are more likely to pass on more negative to the next person. Let's be aware that we are all at different stages and we all must love to keep the growth in each of us progressive! Have a great day and pass on the love :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's! Enjoy your day, relax and be blessed.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Fruits by star_ali_2
Fruits, a photo by star_ali_2 on Flickr.

So refreshing and beautiful!

Just start!

Summer time is near and what better way to be good to your body, than by adding in some delicious fruit.  Stay hydrated first of all by drinking water, but add in a meal of fruit to give you a cool refreshing feeling during the day.  When I say meal I mean not just one banana, but a whole bunch; not just one orange, but as many as you can eat (ex. 5-6 oranges).  Eat til you get full and enjoy!

Love your body, be good to your body and add in a healthy meal each day.  You may be surprised at the outcome,  a few inches lost or maybe even a couple of pounds.

Don't think diet, think change of eating habits for a better you!  Set a goal of how many healthy meals can I have this week, even if it's just 2 or 3. Just start, you'll love the results.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


fruit by {mimi}
fruit, a photo by {mimi} on Flickr.

This is an awesome lunch time meal, look at all that gorgeous fruit!


Water! by CarolynsHope
Water!, a photo by CarolynsHope on Flickr.

Just add water

We all know we should drink more water, but why don't we do it? It has many benefits for our bodies. These benefits include weight loss, natural remedy for a headache, hydrating our skin, and help with regular elimination, just to name a few.

Weight loss with water is possible, because water can flush out toxins and waste, along with reducing hunger if you drink before your meal.  Most of us are dehydrated and need water more than we need more food.  Before eating ask yourself - Am I hungry? Take a body check, because you may find that after you drink a glass of water you can go another hour or two without food. Don't get me wrong food is essential, but if you don't drink water, dehydration can lead to lots of other problems.

Natural remedy for headache, water is key. Personal experience in this area is why I say this. Migraines were a part of  my regular life until I added water, and I don't mean a sip or the so called water in tea, juice and lemonade. Just plain good refreshing water is good for the body. I hear people say they don't like water, yes I used to say that too, but the benefits far outweigh me not drinking it!

We all want to be youthful in appearance and water definitely helps the look and feel of our skin. Dry dehydrated skin is not a healthy look and don't we all want to look our best, I know I do. Also I would rather drink water than buy all the expensive products that so called add moisture, because it's only temporary. Let's have moisture from the inside out, and save those extra few dollars for a new outfit or pair of shoes. (smile)

This past Sunday (5/6/12) I started a true focus on drinking water. Sunday I drank only water all day til about 6pm, and then I had a salad and fruit. Preparing my body to be healthy and ready for a lifetime of hydration and daily cleansing, just by drinking water makes me feel good and my skin looks great. Summer time is coming and we definitely need water in these lovely Texas hot months.

So drink up and stay hydrated!!! Love your body, give it good stuff :)