Wednesday, August 31, 2011

9 days into JUICE

Today is day number nine! I have got to do better today, because yesterday I know I didn't have enough juice. I should have had at least a gallon, which is 128 oz. and yesterdays number was around 90 or so ounces. The rule of thumb is a gallon minimum per day, unless you workout. I wasn't hungry and don't feel any different today, but I want to make sure I get enough nutrients to continue a proper cleanse. Today after work I did a light workout for about 45 minutes, which included cardio and weights. Not exercising for about 4 days or so felt like a fresh start today, maybe sometimes the body just needs a rest and when you go back to it, it feels greater!
Well so far today has consisted of :
* 6:15 am - 24 oz of water
* 8:30 am - 24 oz of orange juice ( 8 oranges)
* 12:15 pm - 24 oz of beet, carrot and cucumber juice
* 2:15 pm - 20 oz of canteloupe juice
* YMCA workout
* 4:30 pm - 22 oz of carrot, green onion, green bell pepper and tomato juice

I will have more water and juice for the evening, because its still early yet! Will update this evening or in the morning.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 8 of my JUICE

Today was pretty simple!
I had:
24 oz. of canteloupe juice (1 3/4 melon) at 8:00 am
26 oz. of orange juice (8 oranges) at 11:00 am
24 oz. of carrot juice, celery and apple at 2:00 pm with my supplements
16 oz. of green juice with apple and carrot added for sweetness/ Field of Greens Restaurant

Today I had another colon therapy session to rid my body of toxins that are escaping at a rapid pace!  After that metallic smell my body gave off I wanted to help it get out faster! Better out than in :)

Oh well gotta go it's family time, I love family time! More to come tomorrow.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oooooh the detox symptoms! Day 7

Today is a day of detox, well at least this 1st half of the day anyway. Oh man I am getting toxins out this is great!! So far having slight headache, neck and shoulder tightness and some sinus drainage again. Feeling a little tired, but I will feel better later.
So far this morning I have had 24 oz of water and about 8:30am I had some wonderful canteloupe juice  (you gotta try this!)
Other than the previous detox symptoms I had some other bathroom symptoms, not for the queasy! LOL
If you want more info on that send me your email address. Well gotta go back to work, more info on the day later.
Okay I am back and now for more info. Today I was suppose to run, since I haven't ran for the past 3 days and now today makes four. My body was letting me know it needed rest, stomach felt a little uneasy and earlier today my elimination smelled metallic, yes like metal. That was so weird! Throughout the day I had this kinda foggy headache and I was sleepy or just kinda out of it. It's amazing what the body can get rid of when it's allowed to do what it is supposed to do.
Today included:
6:00 am - 24 oz of water
8:30 am - 24 oz canteloupe juice (1 3/4 melons)
12:00 pm - 24 oz orange juice (7 oranges)
1:30 pm - 24 oz water
3:00 pm - 24 oz juice ( 2 lbs carrots, 1 lg cucumber, 1 fuji apple)
5:45 pm - 24 oz juice ( 2 lbs carrots, 1 green bell pepper, 2 tomatoes)
7:00 pm - 28 oz juice (3-4 green onions, 1 lb carrots, celery, 2 tomatoes, 2 lettuce leaves, kale)
This last juice I ate it as if it was soup in a bowl with a spoon!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

6th day of JUICE

So it is now Sunday and all is well. I had a pretty good night sleep considering all the sinus drainage that was going on. I didn't take anything to stop it, because I want to get all the bad stuff out. Some drainage today, but under control. Meaning I didn't have tissue stuck in my nostrils, LOL!
So anyway today we went to hang out with friends after church and yes me and my juice attended with happiness. I love hanging out and loving on friends and I am finding that yes when people get together that is what we do - eat! Why?, because our bodies need food. The discipline and self-control are definitely being developed at this time. Most of what I see people eat I wouldn't eat anyway, but those around me are chewing and I am sipping or gulping. It seems to be all in the mind, because I am not hungry as I am juicing, but it's just a thing of not chewing.  My reasons for juicing have to be recited throughout the day and then I am fine!  Anything worth doing is not going to be easy, but in the end I will achieve the desired results and will be so proud of myself for not quitting! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!

Today I had:
24 oz of water
24 oz of canteloupe juice ( loving it!!!!)
28 oz of orange juice
24 oz of carrot-apple juice
12 oz of carrot-beet-celery juice
12 oz of orange juice with wheatgrass powder

I will have more water and my supplements for the evening.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

5th day of juicing

Today is co-op day going to get more organic fruits and veggies, yippee!! Yes I get excited about co-op each week, I love it :)! It is the most economical way to juice feast and eat healthy.  Today is my fifth day of juicing and I will be having colon therapy ( so important). Making sure the toxins are leaving the body is important, because why detox and hold on to the toxins.

Menu of the day:
* 16 oz water
* 20 oz juice (6 oranges)
* 12 oz juice (2 lbs carrots)
* 24 oz juice (1 lb carrots, 1 lg cucumber, 1 beet, 1 apple)
* 24 oz juice (6-7 oranges)
* 20 oz juice (2 canteloupes) This is AWESOME!!
* 24 oz juice (8 tomatoes, 3 green onions, celery, parsley - slightly warmed) placed in bowl as a soup
* 16 oz juice (6 oranges and wheatgrass powder)

This morning consisted of dry skin brushing, before showering

This evening I am having heavy sinus drainage, and some sneezing. Go Detox!!
Alright that's all I have for today, need some more tissues.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What is Juice Feasting?

From much research on the internet, this is the information I have found.  Be sure to do your own research and check with your doctor. I do this by my choice! :)
Juice feasting involves having fresh raw vegetables and fruit juices for as many days as you choose, some do it for 30 days, some 60 days, and some 92-100 days. It is a FEAST and not a fast because you can get ALL the calories you would normally get in a day. It is recommended to have a minimum of 1 gallon per day. You will feel massive cleansing on a cellular level. AWESOME!!!

Some benefits of juice feasting:
* radiant skin, a healthy glow
* healing of illnesses
* detoxing of the whole body

This is great news, I read that you can go back in time about 120 days for each day of Juice Feasting.
And you wonder why I do what I do! LOL Health is just my passion and I love the knowledge of health.
We are all passionate about different things, what's your passion?

The Juice of the day:
* 5:00 am - 16 oz of water
* 6:15 am - 24 oz juice (1 lb carrots, 1 spinach bunch, 1/2 head of romaine lettuce, 4-5 celery stalks, and 2 oranges)
* 9:15 am - 24 oz juice (6 oranges, 1 grapefruit)
* 1:00 pm - 20 oz juice (2 lbs carrots, 1 lg cucumber, 1 pear)
* 4:00 pm - 18 oz juice (2 lbs carrots, 5 celery stalks, 1 small beet, 1 pear)
* 6:45 pm - 24 oz juice (5 1/2 oranges, 1 grapefruit)
If I have anything else for this day I will have a watermelon juice about 25 oz., might be hungry in a little, since I have been moving furniture around for a couple of hours! My energy level is great today!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

3rd day of juicing adventure

Today I dined on:
5:15 am - 16 oz of water
6:15 am - 24 oz Juice (5 oranges, 2 grapefruit)
6:55 am - 4 oz of water
7:10 am - 12 oz of water
10: 15 am - 24 oz Juice (1/4 lg.watermelon)
12:20 pm - 12 oz. of water
1:45 pm - 24 oz. Juice (2 lbs. carrots, 5 stalks celery, 1 braeburn apple, 1 lg.  cucumber)
3:30 pm - 12 oz of water
5:00 pm - 24 oz Juice (1 lb. carrots, 1 red and 1 green bell pepper, 1 lg cucumber, 4 stalks celery, 18 cherry tomatoes)
6:00 pm - 8 oz of water
7:15 pm - RUN 3 miles
8:00 pm - 12 oz of water
8:20 pm - 18 oz Juice (4 oranges, 1 grapefruit)

I felt great during my run today, not too winded, it was nice! While at work today when I was bored I felt like I should eat something, but I wasn't hungry! This is an area I am noticing in my life and want to take control of it. Food is for my nourishment not entertainment. All social events seem to be surrounded by food and lots of it as if it was the end of the world sometimes and I want to be in control of what I eat and when I eat. When I get bored I must find other things to do, such as read, write or blog, just be creative with my time in art that I love so much! This juice feast is going to help me see many things about me and I am ready to be a better me. I plan to grow mentally and spiritually as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2nd day Juice Feast

So I have to say I have no hunger pains and no desire for solid foods. Food has been around me today, but it wasn't anything I would eat anyway, so it wasn't much of a temptation. The food I was around smelled incredibly greasy and almost nauseating! But no big deal! I have to remember my focus and throughout the day I read other websites about the benefits of juicing and looked up other recipes to keep it fresh. The only body detox symptom today is a nagging pain at the back of my upper right leg, not my hamstring, but deep inside. I will see how long it lasts and report it later!
Today's menu included:
4:50 am - 20 oz. of water
6:15 am - 16 oz. juice (1 lb. carrots, 1 green bell pepper, 1 beefsteak tomato, 3 romaine leaves, 1 spinach bunch, 10 chard leaves, 1 green onion)
9:30 am - 28 oz. juice (5 oranges, 2 grapefruit)
1:00 pm - 26 oz. juice (1/4 of a large watermelon)
3:15 pm - 12 oz. of water
3:40 pm - 20 oz. juice (2 lbs. carrots, 3/4 red bell pepper, 8-10 celery stalks)
5:05 pm - 12 oz. of water
5:50 pm - 8 oz. of water
7:30 pm - 20 oz. green juice (8 romaine leaves, 1 spinach bunch, 1 beefsteak tomato, 1 green bell pepper, 1 lb. carrots, 1 braeburn apple) this medley I could do without but I drank it anyway! UGH!
9:00 pm - 12 oz. juice (3 oranges) and double x dose (water soluble vitamin I take)

Overall the day went good. I didn't crave any thing and I drank juice around the clock every 3-4 hours.
Also no headache today thank God!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st day Just JUICE!

So today was my first day of just juice and I'd have to say it went great! Since I work from 8-3pm I was taking juice to work anyway, because of the ease to eat when I am super busy. This was not a shock and that part of the day flowed no different than any other, although I was asked if I wanted some tacos (ugh!). But no problem I have discipline and nobody is going to knock me off my game. Phil. 4:13 Today I did have a slight headache, so I figure that was a detox symptom. Having juice prepared for every 3 hours helps tremendously, keeps away the need to cheat in the beginning, because after a few days I won't be able to just break my juice feast without the process of preparing my belly for food. My running today was only 3 miles, but my energy will soon pick up, but it was a fun run (my son ran with me) and yes it did include alot of walking today. :) No I am not Superwoman yet! LOL
Today I had on the menu:
5:00 am - 16 oz. water
5:45 am - 16 more oz. of water
6:15 am - 22 oz. Green Juice (1 lb. carrots, 1-beefsteak tomato, parsley, 1-pear, 4-romaine leaves, spinach(bunch), 1 lg. cucumber)
9:30 am - 20 oz. Orange/Grapefruit Juice (4-oranges, 1-grapefruit)
12:45 pm - 28 oz. Orange/Grapefruit Juice (6-oranges, 2-grapefruit)
3:45 pm - 24 oz. Juice (1-beet, 1/2 head of romaine, 2 lbs. carrots, 1-apple)
5:30 pm - 16 oz. of water
5:45 pm - 16 more oz. of water
7:15 pm - Evening Run/Walk (3 miles)
8:15 pm - 8 oz. of water
8:30 pm - 22 oz. Green Juice (4-romaine leaves, spinach(bunch), 1-green bell pepper, 8-celery stalks,
1-beefsteak tomato, 1 lb. carrots, 1-green onion (part stalk and bulb)

Today's starting weight and body fat: 127.7 lbs. / 19.7% body fat
That's it for today, more to come tomorrow!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The day before my juice feast

So tomorrow I start my juice feast! I have had my last chewable meals for a few months, but the outcome will be so beneficial. Today I have eaten:
     5:30 am - 16 oz. water
     6:00 am - 16 oz. water
     6:30 am - Smoothie (2 bananas, 1 pt. blueberries, chia and wheatgrass powder)
     9:45 am - Orange & grapefruit juice (25 oz.)
     1:30 pm - rice, beans, avocado, and corn tortillas ( wished I didn't eat it after I ate it!!!)
     3:30 pm - weight resistance for upper body (30m)
     4:30 pm - Canteloupe Juice (1 whole melon) (15 oz.)
     7:20 pm - Run/ 4.5 miles in 50 minutes
     8:30 pm - Green Juice (spinach, parsley, cucumber, romaine, carrots and apple)
     9:00 pm - Salad (romaine, apple, kiwi, raisins, and blueberries)

I wanted to do juice and smoothies only for the week leading up to my juice feast, but the weekend was not a good one for me. When this juice feast is over I will be conquerer of the food, food will not rule me! I will eat healthy and choose what is good for me. When I eat cooked foods I am tired, but when I eat raw living foods I have energy! So why would I do that to myself? Yes to you it may seem overboard, but to me I want to be a good steward of what God has given me. Oh well going to sleep now see you tomo!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

getting prepared

So I am about to start my juice feast on August 23, 2011 to last for 100 days.  I picked this date to start so that my 100th day will be on my 40th birthday.  I needed a milestone date to complete my goal.  I tried a 100 day juice feast before several months ago and only lasted 20 days!  This time I am ready and I will complete my juice journey.  The benefits far outweigh the reasons not to and for what people say.  I have gotten first hand information from a live talking person who is currently doing it and is currently on about day 50, looking extremely healthy and strong, having gotten rid of some health issues as well.  This is my body that God has given me to be a good steward over.  As temporary as this body may be I want to please God and take care of it.  Of course my health journey didn't start yesterday and I didn't jump into wanting to do a 100 day juice feast on a whim.  I've done other fasts but this one seems to be the most nutritious from what I have read.  My health journey is about prevention, not healing after the fact!  To prepare this 100 day journey on August 16, 2011 I began having juices and smoothies only (the week before), so I will have in my mind liquids only! So August 23 will not include smoothies! Just juice! I also had a colon therapy cleanse August 18, 2011 which removed some toxins, old mucus and lots of poop!  Yes, poop we all do it - have no shame :) and if you don't oh my goodness, you're full of it! LOL  The benefits I am looking for are the following and I'm sure their will be others I'm not presently thinking of, but you will know throughout the journey what happens to my body :) and of course all the events I will suddenly get invited to! (just because I am juicing only) HAHAHA So I would like to have clear, bright eyes, smooth clear complexion, low healthy body fat, clean organs - heart, kidneys, liver and others, more energy, just a total detox!!  I am a vegetarian, because veggies and fruit seem to work the best with my digestive system and levels of energy.  I have been for probably 3 years at the least tried some fish in there, here and there like once or twice in that time span and it slowed my digestive process.  But food is fuel right! And I'm tired of being emotionally attached to it!  Food will not control me and I will only eat when hungry, not because its there or because I'm bored!
      I am reinventing myself to be a better me for me, for my family, my friends and those I come in contact with.  I will make the world a little better, by being better myself.