Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 35! Different kind of detox!

Today I tried a different kind of detox, pretty cool though! It was called an infra red body detox that included a 30 minute massage, infra red detox front and back! Kind of warm, made me sweat so toxins were and will be released. This technique works inside out from deep within. I was told to drink lots of water and to have a green juice. I feel slightly drained, but okay.
The green juice I had this evening was: Chard, Carrots, Tomatoes and an Orange. The chard was a huge bunch of it, the ingredients all together made about 25 oz. It actually tasted pleasant, the green juices are not my favorite, but I need them for the nutrients. Different mixtures make various tastes and this I would do again!
So another big no, but I couldn't help it while at the Wellness Center, was looking at a food magazine! Why do I do these things to myself? :)

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