Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ummmm! Oh yeah, Day 36

So yeah it's day 36 and I am ready to eat food! I may stop at day 50, and keep my Mondays as juice day.

Of course when I stop I will have to readjust  for about 10 days, starting with water soluble fruits for a few days. The days would still include juice with the fruit and then after a few days still juice and add in a salad. It's a process of getting the stomach use to solid food again. The breaking of the fast is just as important as doing the fast.

 I miss date night with the hubby, we bond when we eat out and that's just what we do. I will still eat healthy as you who know me know I  will :) I will be incorporating in more RAW food dishes (veggies and fruit meals). I am finding what's good for me and it's been a long journey to this point, but full of adventure and it's not over.

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