Saturday, August 27, 2011

5th day of juicing

Today is co-op day going to get more organic fruits and veggies, yippee!! Yes I get excited about co-op each week, I love it :)! It is the most economical way to juice feast and eat healthy.  Today is my fifth day of juicing and I will be having colon therapy ( so important). Making sure the toxins are leaving the body is important, because why detox and hold on to the toxins.

Menu of the day:
* 16 oz water
* 20 oz juice (6 oranges)
* 12 oz juice (2 lbs carrots)
* 24 oz juice (1 lb carrots, 1 lg cucumber, 1 beet, 1 apple)
* 24 oz juice (6-7 oranges)
* 20 oz juice (2 canteloupes) This is AWESOME!!
* 24 oz juice (8 tomatoes, 3 green onions, celery, parsley - slightly warmed) placed in bowl as a soup
* 16 oz juice (6 oranges and wheatgrass powder)

This morning consisted of dry skin brushing, before showering

This evening I am having heavy sinus drainage, and some sneezing. Go Detox!!
Alright that's all I have for today, need some more tissues.

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