Sunday, August 21, 2011

getting prepared

So I am about to start my juice feast on August 23, 2011 to last for 100 days.  I picked this date to start so that my 100th day will be on my 40th birthday.  I needed a milestone date to complete my goal.  I tried a 100 day juice feast before several months ago and only lasted 20 days!  This time I am ready and I will complete my juice journey.  The benefits far outweigh the reasons not to and for what people say.  I have gotten first hand information from a live talking person who is currently doing it and is currently on about day 50, looking extremely healthy and strong, having gotten rid of some health issues as well.  This is my body that God has given me to be a good steward over.  As temporary as this body may be I want to please God and take care of it.  Of course my health journey didn't start yesterday and I didn't jump into wanting to do a 100 day juice feast on a whim.  I've done other fasts but this one seems to be the most nutritious from what I have read.  My health journey is about prevention, not healing after the fact!  To prepare this 100 day journey on August 16, 2011 I began having juices and smoothies only (the week before), so I will have in my mind liquids only! So August 23 will not include smoothies! Just juice! I also had a colon therapy cleanse August 18, 2011 which removed some toxins, old mucus and lots of poop!  Yes, poop we all do it - have no shame :) and if you don't oh my goodness, you're full of it! LOL  The benefits I am looking for are the following and I'm sure their will be others I'm not presently thinking of, but you will know throughout the journey what happens to my body :) and of course all the events I will suddenly get invited to! (just because I am juicing only) HAHAHA So I would like to have clear, bright eyes, smooth clear complexion, low healthy body fat, clean organs - heart, kidneys, liver and others, more energy, just a total detox!!  I am a vegetarian, because veggies and fruit seem to work the best with my digestive system and levels of energy.  I have been for probably 3 years at the least tried some fish in there, here and there like once or twice in that time span and it slowed my digestive process.  But food is fuel right! And I'm tired of being emotionally attached to it!  Food will not control me and I will only eat when hungry, not because its there or because I'm bored!
      I am reinventing myself to be a better me for me, for my family, my friends and those I come in contact with.  I will make the world a little better, by being better myself.


  1. How exciting! I'm looking forward to reading about your journey! I thought about joining but I am on transition, which means I'll most likely fail cause I have so much going on. I am interested in learning from you and applying these health principles in my life in the future. Have an amazing day and journey!

  2. You go girl! Look forward to following your journey! Luv ya!