Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st day Just JUICE!

So today was my first day of just juice and I'd have to say it went great! Since I work from 8-3pm I was taking juice to work anyway, because of the ease to eat when I am super busy. This was not a shock and that part of the day flowed no different than any other, although I was asked if I wanted some tacos (ugh!). But no problem I have discipline and nobody is going to knock me off my game. Phil. 4:13 Today I did have a slight headache, so I figure that was a detox symptom. Having juice prepared for every 3 hours helps tremendously, keeps away the need to cheat in the beginning, because after a few days I won't be able to just break my juice feast without the process of preparing my belly for food. My running today was only 3 miles, but my energy will soon pick up, but it was a fun run (my son ran with me) and yes it did include alot of walking today. :) No I am not Superwoman yet! LOL
Today I had on the menu:
5:00 am - 16 oz. water
5:45 am - 16 more oz. of water
6:15 am - 22 oz. Green Juice (1 lb. carrots, 1-beefsteak tomato, parsley, 1-pear, 4-romaine leaves, spinach(bunch), 1 lg. cucumber)
9:30 am - 20 oz. Orange/Grapefruit Juice (4-oranges, 1-grapefruit)
12:45 pm - 28 oz. Orange/Grapefruit Juice (6-oranges, 2-grapefruit)
3:45 pm - 24 oz. Juice (1-beet, 1/2 head of romaine, 2 lbs. carrots, 1-apple)
5:30 pm - 16 oz. of water
5:45 pm - 16 more oz. of water
7:15 pm - Evening Run/Walk (3 miles)
8:15 pm - 8 oz. of water
8:30 pm - 22 oz. Green Juice (4-romaine leaves, spinach(bunch), 1-green bell pepper, 8-celery stalks,
1-beefsteak tomato, 1 lb. carrots, 1-green onion (part stalk and bulb)

Today's starting weight and body fat: 127.7 lbs. / 19.7% body fat
That's it for today, more to come tomorrow!!

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