Wednesday, August 31, 2011

9 days into JUICE

Today is day number nine! I have got to do better today, because yesterday I know I didn't have enough juice. I should have had at least a gallon, which is 128 oz. and yesterdays number was around 90 or so ounces. The rule of thumb is a gallon minimum per day, unless you workout. I wasn't hungry and don't feel any different today, but I want to make sure I get enough nutrients to continue a proper cleanse. Today after work I did a light workout for about 45 minutes, which included cardio and weights. Not exercising for about 4 days or so felt like a fresh start today, maybe sometimes the body just needs a rest and when you go back to it, it feels greater!
Well so far today has consisted of :
* 6:15 am - 24 oz of water
* 8:30 am - 24 oz of orange juice ( 8 oranges)
* 12:15 pm - 24 oz of beet, carrot and cucumber juice
* 2:15 pm - 20 oz of canteloupe juice
* YMCA workout
* 4:30 pm - 22 oz of carrot, green onion, green bell pepper and tomato juice

I will have more water and juice for the evening, because its still early yet! Will update this evening or in the morning.

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