Saturday, January 7, 2012

Conquering Goals

     Yes it's a new year and we always set goals, usually a very long list of them so we don't feel so bad when all are not completed.  This  year let's think of conquering our goals a little differently.

     So look at your list and pick the top 3.  No matter what is on the list stick with your top 3.  Keep your list for further future reference.  Now that you have your top 3, pick one and work on that for 1 month.  Yes I did say one month, because until you conquer it, it is just a wish. 

     For example: Drinking more water, let's say 1/2 your body weight in ounces, since that is a good way to measure for our bodies which are not all the same.  Take this goal focus on it and incorporate it in our daily routine.

     Too many goals along with normal everyday to do's will just make us stressful and feel defeated.  As you conquer a goal and have it as a  daily habit, then move on to the next goal, following the same step as the first. By the end of the year you will feel like a champion having looked back on your list to see how much you have conquered over the year.

     You may even want to incorporate your own rewards throughout the year, just to keep the excitement growing as you grow!

We are all on a different path and your path should not be compared to anyone else, you are uniquely created for the purpose God has for you.  

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  1. I like that system! I also think I need to start with the water too! Thanks for the reminder. ;)