Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 40! It has ended

So today is day 40 and that would be enough. I have had juice today and threw in 2 small oranges to start preparing my stomach for food again.
I had great detoxing during the 40 days as you can read or have read in previous blogs. Now my focus is just maintaining my health.
The plan is to continue juicing daily, but only 2 per day. This helps me get in a good daily amount of nutrients, that I wouldn't be able to just eat otherwise. It's easier to juice and eat veggies and fruit than it is to eat a large amount daily. I will have a monomeal of fruit daily, which means lots of just one kind, til' I get full, a large and I do mean LARGE salad in the evening! My salads are awesome, just ask the Family.
A smoothie will be added in as well on some days.
I will continue to blog here about my eating and other health related things I have learned. In a few months I will be coaching individuals on their health, let you know more about this later!
Well stay tuned and in the mean time add in a juice a day or even every other day!

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