Monday, October 3, 2011

Continuing the health journey!!

So yes I am continuing the health journey! Something funny - So yesterday was the hubby and I's 12th anniversary, so we went to the movies. I am still breaking my fast and wanted a snack, so I took some cherry tomatoes so I would have a snack during the movie! Sure it wasn't popcorn, but I think just having a snack helps alot. :) I have taken all kinds of healthy snacks to the movies, try it. You gotta have a nice purse though, so its not obvious.

Things I have taken to the movies: ( And no they don't sell this stuff)
Orange slices
Cherry tomatoes
Sushi from Kroger
Plantain Chips
*Anything you like, non-guilty snacks are great and make you feel great as well.
But I have had a time when I have bought those french fries they have, and still will when I feel like it. :)

So just know you can take fun healthy snacks everywhere! :)

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  1. Ha! I do this too. I love to snack on pecans (good thing I live in TX, lol) and peas in the pod.