Saturday, July 27, 2013

Uh oh!

Okay so it's Saturday, there is a family event today.  More of that in a minute. So as usual I started my day with water and coffee, breakfast was chicken sausage, green onions, green beans and 1/4 avocado, two hours later I had watermelon and this time it didn't bother my tummy, so I waited long enough I guess. Lunch was a turkey patty and sweet potato slices(baked in oven).
This is where it gets interesting, I attended a family event and didn't eat, because of the menu, so upon leaving we went to get more ice cream and I shared fajitas for two. I did not have the chips or corn tortillas, yay me!, but another ice cream, uh oh!
Remember don't be hard on yourself, this is a journey and competition is only with yourself!  Comparing you to someone else is not good and we are all unique in what works for our bodies.

So far my tummy is less bloated and flatter and I think it's because of eliminating chips, corn tortillas and flour products.

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