Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eating changes...

Eating changes, changes everything!

July 24, Wednesday I consumed:
Water 15oz., 1/2 c. Coffee, watermelon juice 24oz., salad( avocado, strawberries, pecans,romaine lettuce), ground turkey and 1/2 avocado, salad (#2), supplements, turkey patty/green beans and black beans, pecans as late snack

July 25, Thursday
Water, 1/2 c. Coffee, green beans, turkey patty and black beans, water, supps., pecans, tried to have watermelon(made my belly ache and bloat, it is suggested to eat melon on an empty stomach and yes that is true)😳! Last meal ground turkey mixed with black beans and peas/carrots. Had some more water in between

So other than the watermelon bloat for about an hour, my mid section was smaller today not having any starches ( no potato chips, no French fries). Going to stay away from the white potatoes, or any other white starches. Sweet potatoes are okay to eat and don't have the same outcome as the white potatoes.

Also eating before 8p.m. Last two nights

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