Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The over forty lifestyle

Oh my goodness! The things I use to eat I can no longer eat, without weight changing results. The results I speak of are not happy ones. I have been on a Mexican food binge for a few weeks, maybe even months and it's catching up to me. Exercise and carbs are no longer a good combo for me😢.

This new incite to the next stage of my life has me on a new road once again. For awhile I stopped eating meat (about 3 years or so), eating the occasional fish, but that started to be detrimental to my health. Then the journey consisted of turkey meat added and I began to feel better😊. The changes my body goes through is such a learning journey and I could say I enjoy the changes, but I really don't always. Now I am embracing them, telling myself to love myself and just do what you need to do to have good health!

So the new journey is beginning today and I will post what I eat, what exercises I do and my progress. Sad to say getting on the scale was very enlightening and is the reason for this journey. At the gym, because my battery has been broken on my own scale, I saw that the number was a whopping 150lbs., are you kidding me? People around me say it must be muscle and that sounds good, but I see myself naked and there is muscle, but also a layer of fat that once wasn't there.

So the journey begins and if I am bold enough I will post the before picture before the after picture! Hahahahaha
The journey will start today, July 24,2013 and go til December 2, 2013 (my birthday).

Goal: Lose 15-20 pounds of body fat, be lean and muscular, while finding the balance of eating that works for my body! Finding a way to keep the weight in check and still have a treat.😉

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