Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My current mini cleanse

So I've started a new mini cleanse that began on Easter Sunday. A cleanse from time to time is beneficial for me and always makes me feel fantastic. On the other hand every time I do a cleanse I get further and further away from my so called comfort foods ( which is a good thing). Food should be considered nourishment and used to keep the body in great condition.  Too many times we abuse the use of food, for example until I made myself aware of when and why I eat I in the past ate because I was bored.  We all have things and until we make a conscience effort to work on it, it can consume us and get us to a place and we wonder what happened.

Each time I do a cleanse foods get eliminated, but that is my goal! My goal is to eat what I call God created foods, foods if I choose I don't have to cook. I am pretty much there, because recently chips have been eliminated, because I realized they were not making me feel good, it's like they zapped my energy away.

The cleaner my foods, the better I feel and this will also keep me in a constant detox state getting rid of toxins before they have time to set up shop and cause something else.

My cleanse so far for the past four days has consisted of:

Veggie juices
Fruit juices
Fruit as a meal (ex. lots of oranges til full)
BIG salads
and LOTS of exercise (walking, running, yoga, pilates, biking, weights)
I feel better when I exercise daily it's relaxing for me :)

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