Monday, April 9, 2012


So today is my second day of eating God created foods, meaning no processed foods. The more God food I have the better I feel. Finding what helps my body work at its best feels great.

There is a cleanse for America that started today, so check it out at Being aware of great health is what I promote :)

As we cleanse our bodies, our bodies desire more good and healthy foods, which make us feel energized. Living foods give life and processed foods give sickness and disease.  If something can sit on a shelf for 6 months or longer, Is there any life left in it?, Does it give any nutrients to the body?

Cleansing/Fasting is just that a cleanse for our body inside that will radiate to the outer body. When fasting you go into a cleaning process and to put bad foods back in stops that process or retoxifies the body. Most cleanses take an average of three days to start feeling positive differences, so three days is just the beginning, don't give up-the food in the world won't disappear just because you are fasting :) (Even though it feels that way-it won't)

Let's ask ourselves, why do we eat what we eat? are we really hungry? are we just trying to fill time?

Once you cleanse, don't jump back into your previous eating habits immediately, slowly transition. Your body can't handle heavy foods, especially dairy right after a cleanse, have a big salad, a vegetable soup or continue with healthy foods. Depending on how long you have fasted or cleansed will determine your transition process, google for more information and do what's best for you. Just be careful :)

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  1. Awesome. Whenever I do a cleanse I always feel worse the first couple of days.