Thursday, August 1, 2013

I am staying focused

Lifestyle changes and not diet, that's how I stay focused. Knowing that I need to develop better habits I had before is just a lifestyle change, nothing more, it's not a diet, it's not oh my God I'm over forty or whatever else people try to throw my way. Each day I learn something new about myself embrace it if it's good and let it go if it's not!

That being said my plan for the month of August is to have a veggie juice a day (carrots and head of romaine lettuce), bonus juice would be watermelon juice. I don't think I will be posting exactly what I eat everyday, because what I eat is pretty basic and boring, but beneficial to my body.  On a regular basis I eat Turkey ( ground turkey, turkey patty), green beans, black beans, avocados and now that it is summer, salads are back in the rotation, but mostly juice because I can just sit and drink. It's almost like the lazy way to stay healthy, in my opinion and I love it!

I worked out this morning with weights, upper body and abs, and light cardio ( walk on treadmill for 30 minutes). My workout plan is more cardio, which seems to work best for MY body type. So twice a week I plan to use weights, twice a week I plan to run and the other days I will vary my cardio with the elliptical, a spin class and maybe the stationary bike. Working out for me needs to be various or I get bored (easily). 

When I give out information, I can't stress enough this is what I have found over many years of trial and error that works for me. What works for me may not work for you and we all have different body types, genes and all that stuff, so love your body, embrace who you are and stop comparing yourself to other ladies.  Yes, I too had to and still have to focus on me, I am a great me and I am the only one who can be me!

Consistency and focus makes it happen!

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