Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just start!

Summer time is near and what better way to be good to your body, than by adding in some delicious fruit.  Stay hydrated first of all by drinking water, but add in a meal of fruit to give you a cool refreshing feeling during the day.  When I say meal I mean not just one banana, but a whole bunch; not just one orange, but as many as you can eat (ex. 5-6 oranges).  Eat til you get full and enjoy!

Love your body, be good to your body and add in a healthy meal each day.  You may be surprised at the outcome,  a few inches lost or maybe even a couple of pounds.

Don't think diet, think change of eating habits for a better you!  Set a goal of how many healthy meals can I have this week, even if it's just 2 or 3. Just start, you'll love the results.

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