Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get a second opinion

Good day to everyone!
So I must tell you of my recent experience, Monday (March 26) I was doubled over in severe pain. Why? you ask that's what I wanted to know!!! My hubby made a few calls and I ended up in the ER. As you know I hated this and didn't want to go, because medical doctors are not necessarily my friend (my opinion).
Upon arrival I had to be wheelchaired in, because my strong hubby had to carry me to the car just to get me there in the first place. Anyway they gave me morphine and that only allowed the pain to sit beside me in a sense, but definitely didn't take it away. Making this story short, because all details would just be crazy.  The doctor suggested, or shall I say pushed arrogantly for me to have my gallbladder removed.


Anyway wasn't going to do that, went to my wholistic doc the next day, was given two supplements and voila! Still have my gallbladder, didn't even need pain meds the following day and my research shows more problems removing it than keeping it!!!!! Now if course it hadn't ruptured, thank God or I may have had to use the medical approach.

It all comes down to being in tune with your body and knowing what you need, and I didn't feel the need to be an experiment. We all have our choices of healing, I just prefer the natural way.

Thanks to all who read my blogs!

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  1. I had no idea! Glad to hear you are feeling better and it all worked out the way you wanted. Love you and take care!