Saturday, December 10, 2011

God's Favor

So often times I'm not sure if God is listening to me. Don't get me wrong I know He's there, but is He listening? Obviously, yes He does listen, but maybe sometimes I am just so busy trying to figure it out all on my own that I crowd His words out.

Yesterday, He revealed Himself to me with His gracious favor.  I was driving along not reading the EXTRA posted street signs, when all of a sudden I see flashing lights behind me! At this time I'm thinking, Oh Lord I don't know what I just did, but obviously I did something. I wasn't upset or offended, just started gathering the appropriate things officers ask for. Of course my son is laughing at me and saying, "ooooo I am going to tell my team mates this tomorrow". HaHa very funny young one, I had to tell him about respect and not goofing off when officers stop you (in a loving way of course).

I was given a warning, THANK THE LORD, because I was already trying to figure out where in the world was the money coming from to pay the ticket.  Just so you know in Sugarland, you cannot turn right on red during school zone times, if you are in the school zone! :)

Isn't it amazing how that fear sets in so quickly, God knew that was going to happen and He gave me favor with the officer, who by the way said have a blessed day as he went to his motorcycle! How awesome is that, it was like God saying I hear you, I love you and am always with you. I felt peace during the whole situation, even though that old self was saying what it was saying, God ruled in my thoughts, actions and words.
Thank you God for being with me and I definitely know the rule on red lights and right turns during school zone time.  :)
Look for God in every situation, He is definitely there! Have a blessed day!

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