Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Distractions and Guilt

So I set goals and yes maybe sometimes too many at once! Do I do this knowing I may not do them all or do I do this because I over achieve in alot of things. Over achieving can't be all that bad when you want so desperately to grow and move forward! There are so many things I want to do and change in my life, that I wish God would just change at this very moment.  Knowing full well God does not work like that, because in striving to do better there is growth and strength that happens in time.

Discipline is a funny thing, we all have it, but only when we CHOOSE to, not having any excuses or listening to others excuses and accepting them as our own. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! So frustrating sometimes, but I can do it.

I believe: Everyday in every way I am getting better and better! 

On a previous blog I listed all these things I wanted to do for 30 days. While some of them I have done, others I have done here and there and some not at all. I have to just do them, doing is better than not doing and to give up totally would not be beneficial to me at all. So what it won't be 30 days straight, I am developing good habits in m life. I am in competition with no one, no one at all, not even myself!!

Life is a journey, a learning about me, getting knowledge and doing better for me, so I can be better for those who I come in contact with.

Love yourself, love who you are at this very moment, love yourself to be able to love others. Freedom in being who God made us to be!

Be a self encourager, lift up, build up and cheer up ourselves and not tear ourselves down.

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