Monday, June 4, 2012

The Struggles of Eating

So you may wonder, do I struggle with eating healthy? Of course I do, I like fun foods to. Recently I discovered (not that I didn't know this) that certain foods bring comfort. Growing up, whenever I finished my plate it was an automatic that dessert would follow. Over the years of doing that and even into adulthood, habits can be hard to break and easy to fall back into if I don't ask myself why am I eating this again????
There are many foods I can't eat because of food allergies, but health food stores also have substitutions for some of these things. Why? Why? Why?
Usually I don't fall to hard and have to remember not to beat myself up to badly about it. Knowing I am further along in my journey of health than where I started helps me motivate myself and remember it is a journey, not a destination. Learning and growing along the way is suppose to be fun and enlightening.

Let's remember to not discount our accomplishments of our life journey!!!

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