Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The journey continues/Rein40vention

So I am about to start another year of my life and am reinventing myself to be better more and more each day! I have gotten to a point where I believe what I say and who I am is important as anyone else! The rein40vention of me includes questioning everything I have ever been taught. Realigning all with God and His Word only. Anything and everything I do must be to please Him!
As December is about to begin and I turn 40 on the second, I will do a 30 day challenge of developing new habits to replace the old ones. Each day I am given the choice to do more fulfilling things with my life and that is what I am going to do.
I plan on continuing with some of these things on my list of daily do's and adding in some of these (some I had started on and am doing well with and now it is time to add more).
Progression is the Key!!

I challenge myself for 30 days to :
*Have 24 oz. of water upon rising
*Have quiet time with God each morning (this has been awesome- try it!)
*10m workout each morning ( for more info on this just let me know)
*Homeschooling curriculum
*Jump rope 5 times per week (have fun with exercise)
*Eat RAW 75% each day (I can have steamed veggies at night)
*Study for my health coaching certificate everyday
*Create ART everyday (total=30 new pieces in 30 days)
*Stretch daily to improve my flexibility
*Read my Affirmations 3 times each day
*Blog daily and develop my blog to be totally awesome
*Speak Positive (Lift up, Build up, Cheer up)
*Take a photo everyday
*My supplements everyday (I have noticed the difference in consistency)
*Develop my art and health coaching into an awesome successful business
*Complete 10 health histories ( any volunteers?)

I want to be better, I will be better, I am better!
Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better!!!!


  1. What's the health history thing that you need a volunteer for? Maybe I can help.

  2. What kind of ART? Do you have any pics of your ART?

  3. I have abstract art or what I call emotional art, just painting what I feel :) Just posted some on my facebook page, check them out there and if any trouble email me at sunflowerchild71@yahoo.com